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A plant-based alternative 

for your customers



Loma Linda® offers great tasting, award-winning products such as our plant-based TUNO™ and Taco Filling. These are shelf-stable, affordable, versatile, and require minimal preparation. Our products allow you the ability to create dozens of recipes from the same base product.  Adding one plant-based meal to your menu ensures you have options for consumers choosing to reduce meat. We have developed a range of recipes for your use or for your inspiration.

All Loma Linda® products are gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO.  

The opportunity is with omnivores and flexitarians

Consumers are actively trying to reduce their meat consumption and eat more plant-based food. 


of consumers want to reduce their meat consumption.*


of consumers reported they are trying to consumer fewer animal-based food and more plant-based foods.**


Over the past decade, menus have added plant-based items by 490%

* Source: Aramark

** Source: IPSOS

Millennials and Gen X are highly engaged in plant-based meat


of millennials eat meat alternatives.


eat meat alternative everyday.


eat meat a few times per week.


plan to buy more meat alternative next year.

* Source: Mitchell, 2019; Mintel "The protein report - Meat Alternatives - US' (January 2017)